Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crochet Thread Review - Patons Pearl Twist

I've decided to add some product reviews so people can get a sense of what is out there and not be limited to standard materials. Today I am looking at Patons Pearl Twist.
Just so you know, I purchased today's review item myself, and I am not affiliated with Patons in any way.

This is a thread made from 80% acrylic and 20% nylon. Unfortunately, the thread has been discontinued, but if you happen across it or any other acrylic tread, this review will be useful. Most crochet threads are made from cotton, and cotton threads are more stiff and less fuzzy. This acrylic tread is extremely supple and more like yarn. I was able to iron a doily that I made with it, with no melting. I would definitely use the iron on a low/medium heat. Here's a picture of some ornaments I crocheted with the thread, where you can see that it is somewhat fuzzy.

Patons Pearl Twist doesn't have a thread size listed on it, and the label only lists knitting needle sizes: 4mm or US6. Most pearl crochet threads are size 3 and typically use a size E (US) crochet hook. This pearl thread is a little bit bigger than size 3. I used it to crochet some doilies along with a size 3 white thread and the slight size difference didn't cause me too much of a problem. With a really intricate doily or carefully sized item (such as amigurumi), I would not use this thread. Here is a picture of the White Waves Doily I made with this thread. The blue is Patons Pearl Twist and the white is size 3 pearl cotton.
Hope this review helps and keep crafting!

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