Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Grandmas Lace Edgings

Today I posted the last of my grandma's handmade lace edgings in my Etsy shop. Grandma used to make these with her odds and ends of crochet thread, and many of them she sewed to towels and gave away. She would sew a swan onto the towel and leave the top unsewn. Then you could put a washcloth into the swan.

For some reason she gave a huge sack of unattached ones to my mom. Mom didn't use them for anything and she asked me to sell them. Grandma just turned 90 this month, and she can't do thread crochet anymore. I decided to save one set of edgings and listed the rest on Etsy. They needed to be ironed and photographed, and many of them needed to be cleaned, so it has taken me about two months to list them all! (Some of them needed a little finishing as well.) Of course I was taking my own sweet time at it too. :) It was really a pleasure to work with my grandma's stuff, and see the detail of her work.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of today's listing:

And here's some purple trim that she had sewn on a towel:

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