Monday, April 18, 2011

Lil Love Purse Crochet Pattern Decisions

Well, first let me apologize for the long delay in blog posts. My computer died and I just got it fixed. It was really a shock to my system not to have my computer available, and I barely knew what to do with myself!

During my down time, I did some designing and some looking at my patterns. I decided that at least one of them could use some improvement. I have this heart themed crochet pattern set for sale, called Lil Love.
Lil Love Hat and Purse

I was looking at the purse and wondering what could be done to improve it.The purse alone looks like this:
Lil Love Purse - no ruffle

So, the strap looks a little thin, and I decided to do a little experiment. I made this version of the purse with a ruffle on the strap.
Lil Love Purse - strap ruffle

Now I'm wondering, which one looks better? Both of my parents like the one with no ruffle, but I like the ruffled one more. I'm wondering what people would rather give their little girls, as well. Any feedback would be welcome!

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