Thursday, October 21, 2010

Submission Guidelines

I've been working on Christmas presents a lot lately so I can't really blog about what I've been making exactly. I have been doing some other productive stuff though. I can only really craft for about 3-4 hours and then my hands are too tired to do more. I don't stop the productivity there though. I have been researching submission guidelines now that my coffee cup sleeve patterns are just about ready. Got two good places to submit them, but I'm a little disheartened at how long it takes to get a response (6 months). That's kind of a bummer but it would be fun to be in a magazine. I still haven't decided whether to self-publish my hat patterns or try to get them published as a booklet. I'm thinking the booklet would be less work for me in the long run, but it's also more constricting as far as what kinds of things I can add to each pattern (tips and back story and such).

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